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Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres

Policy Analyst



Company Information

The OFIFC is an award winning leader in culture-based management providing innovative research, policy, training and community development to 28 Friendship Centres and other urban Indigenous service providers across Ontario.  Located in downtown Toronto, the OFIFC engages all levels of government and mainstream agencies.                                                    

OFIFC is a purpose-driven organisation which offers unique and challenging work.  A rewarding and enriching career awaits if you are skilled at critical thinking, building relationships, take personal accountability for getting things done and enjoy working as part of a team to collaboratively solve problems.

Job Description


Primary Objective:

Toadvancesupportivepublicpolicyaimedataddressinganyfilearearelatedissues andthewell-beingoftheurbanAboriginal community in Ontario.  This includes advocatingonbehalfofandproviding support to Friendship Centres.




  • ·         Culture - Takespersonalresponsibilitytoincreasesensitivity,awarenessand implementationofOFIFC’sNeha(bundle)includingfoundationalteachingsand organisationalpracticesinbothprofessionalconductandwork-relateddeliverables.


  • ·         Accountability - Takes personal ownership and responsibilityforthequalityand timeliness of work commitments.


  • ·         Critical Thinking- Appliessystematic,logicalreasoningwhenaddressingproblems or situations in order to arrive at anappropriatesolutionoroutcome.


  • ·         BuildingRelationshipsandStrategicPartnerships - Builds,developsand sustainsbusinessrelationships / strategic partnershipsthataremutuallybeneficial, reciprocalandgroundedintrustandrespect.  Itisrecognisingweareall interdependentandworkingtowardsthecommongoodoftheorganisation.


  • ·         Results Orientation - Accomplishesestablishedgoals,deliverstheoutcomes requiredandachievestheresults.  Itincludes theefficientandeffectiveuseofall resources(time,financial,peopleandtechnology).


  • ·         Teamwork andCollaboration - Workscollaborativelywithothersandaddresses conflictin a win-winproductivemanner. Thisincludes a mindsetofsharingwith otherswhetheritisknowledge,recognition,informationandskills. Workingtowards a commonpurposeforthegoodofOFIFCand thecommunitiesofpeopleitserves.


  • ·         Communication - Effectivelydeliversinformation in a transparent,honestandclear manner. Itincludesactivelylistening, comprehendingandrespondingappropriately wheninteractingwithpeople. Itisabout beingrespectfulwhenexpressingopinions andpointsofview.
    • ·         Knowledgeofgovernmentorganisational structuresandlegislativeprocesses
    • ·         Excellentwritingskillsandabilitytodocumentclearlyandsuccinctlyforinternal andexternalaudiences
    • ·         Extensiveexperienceinresearch,bothqualitativeandquantitative
    • ·         Abilitytograsppoliticaltheory tobefair,balancedandunbiasedintheir recommendations
    • ·         Exceptionalabilitytobuildandfosterrelationshipswithexternalpolicy stakeholders
    • ·         Must have strong oral communication/publicspeakingskills






  • ·         Strong Analytical Thinking
  • ·         Creativity/Innovative


  • ·         CollaborativeTeamPlayer
  • ·         PlanningandOrganising




  • ·         Post-secondaryeducationinPublicPolicy,PoliticalScience,Public Administrationoranother relevant discipline
  • ·         2 – 3 years’experienceinpolicyanalysis
  • ·         Post-secondary education in area of specialisationisconsideredanasset



Work Environment:

Worksin a safeandsuitableofficeenvironmentexposedtomidtohigh-levelcomputer use(internetresearch)often facedwithtightdeadlines.



Overtimerequiredduringpeakperiodsandwhenworkloadnecessitates. Travelto FriendshipCentres/DeliverySitesforthepurposesofintegratedfieldvisits 8 – 10times per year.  Local travel for stakeholder/funder meetings/forums/conferences 1 - 2 times per year.




Toundertakepolicyresearch,analysisandadvocacyonissuesrelatedtoFriendship Centresandwithinareaofspecialisationtowardstheachievementofimproved outcomesforurbanAboriginalpeople. All policyprocessesundertakenmustbealigned withOFIFC’slong-rangestrategicplan.


Key Contacts/Relationships:


PrimarilycommunicateswiththePolicyDirector, program workgroups, other Policy AnalystsandtheExecutiveDirectorfor the purposes of exchangingandsharing information,integratingandcollaborating.



CommunicateswithFriendshipCentres/DeliverySites,Funders,Stakeholders, Aboriginalorganisations,andGovernment Ministries for sharingofinformation,policy analysis,andcollaboration.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Gathers, classifies and assesses data; including legislation, laws, policies, trends and government and stakeholder reports within area of specialisation;

  • Compares data analysis with expressed opinions on proposed policies and develops papers identifying potential positions to such proposed policies;

  • Prepares letters, reports, submissions, briefs, research, position papers as policy responses are required;

  • Develops policies, frameworks, strategies and resources as they affect the relevant file area;

  • Promotes recognition of Aboriginal culture based initiatives within area of specialisation;

  • Develops alternate methodologies to improve policy frameworks as they affect Friendship Centres and urban Aboriginal people;

  • Prepares reports for submission to funding bodies as per requirements to ensure OFIFC is compliant with funding agreements relevant to area of specialisation;

  • Supports the development of proposals in the relevant area of specialisation;

  • Prepares and participates in the delivery of such training and workshops as relevant to area of specialisation;

  • Participates on committees, government tables and working groups as required;


Relationships/Partnerships/Support (30%):

  • Maintains and develops relationships with government and agency policy advisors and other stakeholders to discuss implications of proposed polices and approaches on priority issues faced by Friendship Centres;

  • Participates in Integrated Field Visits (IFV) and prepares IFV reports;

  • Participates in capacity support to Friendship Centres by identifying funding opportunities, promoting stakeholder relationships at local level, and collaborating and writing Friendship Centre project funding proposals;

  • Consults with member Friendship Centres to examine the effectiveness of existing policies and conducting such studies and reviews as are necessary to identify improvements required;

  • Provides support to other workgroups on key projects or initiatives as requested;


Other (5%):

  • Acts as chairperson, technician, facilitator, spokesperson in fora or meetings convened to discuss relevant policy directions or responses;

  • Maintains and upgrades professional skills;

  • Promotes a healthy, safe work environment; and

  • Performs other duties, related to the position, as assigned by the Executive Director or designate.

Contact Information

Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres
Tracy Syrette
Posting Date: 09-Aug-2017Other Permanent, Full-Time Open 3 ASAP
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