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Indigenous Works

Project Coordinator (AB)



Company Information

About Indigenous Works

Indigenous Works (formerly, the Aboriginal Human Resource Council), is an ISO certified national social enterprise established in 1998 with a mandate to improve the inclusion and engagement of Indigenous people in the Canadian economy. For nearly 20 years, we have worked with companies and organizations to strengthen their performance and results in Indigenous employment, workplace engagement and inclusion.  Partnerships are key to developing the right relationships and generating better results.  Indigenous Works is addressing relationship building and responding to the growing need for stronger partnerships between Indigenous-owned enterprises and corporate Canada. This project is timely given calls by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Government of Canada to renew relationships and ensure that Aboriginal peoples have equitable access to jobs, training, and education opportunities for the betterment of Canadian society and our economy.


 We are an equal opportunity employer. Preference will be given to hiring an Aboriginal person with the skills and qualifications for the job.

Job Description

Nature and Scope

Indigenous Works is seeking a Project Coordinator for a new project commencing May 2017 and ending March 31, 2019. ‘Building Stronger Indigenous Labour Market Program and Service Links with Employers’ seeks to develop better linkages and opportunities between companies and organizations working in the Indigenous labour markets for the Restaurant, Hotel & Lodging and Hospitality Sectorsin Alberta. There are opportunities to increase Indigenous employment in these sectors if improved service linkages and engagements can be developed.

The project seeks to: (i) Improve employer awareness, access and use of federal, provincial and post secondary education (PSE) labour market programs and services supporting Indigenous labour market development and participation; (ii) Increase engagement and collaboration between employers in key demand sectors and federal, provincial and PSE Indigenous labour market programs and service providers; (iii)  Improve alignment / coordination and delivery of federal, provincial and PSE labour market programs and services to support labour market development; (iv) showcase and highlight best practices in Indigenous labour market training / skills development and support Indigenous recruitments/job placement through a regional ‘Workforce Connex’ engagement facilitation event.

Project Activities

The objective is to encourage coordination and alignment of Indigenous labour market services to industry segments with common labour market supply and demand issues.  The sector approach will also support the mobilization of existing industry and partnership networks in advancing Indigenous job opportunities.

  • (i) a preliminary regional sectoral labour market (LM) situational analysis drawing on and summarizing existing sectoral and labour market research and analysis (ii) employer/industry and LM program and service inventories in the project area.

  • Establish a jointly-led employer/Indigenous project committee to: (i) inform, develop, endorse and guide regional project strategies (ii) provide input and advice on initial Indigenous and employer engagement protocols (iii) assist in coordination and planning of information and orientation sessions.

  • Prepare a labour market network service inventory including employers, industry associations, Indigenous LM service providers (ASET holders), PSE training institutions/Indigenous student services; provincial LM training and industry/workplace programs. The inventory should contain brief descriptions of the services/resources including key contacts and be disseminated and validated via project committee networks and made fully accessible via the web.

  • Prepare regional LM situational analysis report for the industry segment (i.e., a labour market supply/demand snapshot highlighting key industry trends, workforce occupational and skills profiles). Disseminate and validate via project committee networks and make fully accessible via the web. Translate final versions.

  • Identify and summarize Indigenous labour market service issues / gaps from perspective of primary stakeholders (e.g., training/skills, recruitment/retention, and links/collaboration with key partners/stakeholders)

  • Plan and deliver 6 regional/local information and labour market program and service orientation sessions using a combination of face to face and interactive technology (e.g. webinars). These sessions will be an opportunity for labour market service specialists including ASET holders, provincial LM program experts, PSE specialists to present and share resources and information. Each service and orientation session should target a minimum of 20 employer/industry representatives and 5-10 labour market program/service specialists.

  • Plan and convene 1 regional Indigenous Workforce Connex engagement facilitation forum targeting a minimum of 100 employers and a minimum of 50 labour market stakeholders from the LM program/service, training and PSE spheres.

  • Document and report employment opportunities among participating employers. Document and report Indigenous job referrals and hires among targeted employers.   

  • Conduct committee, stakeholder and Workforce Connex follow-up surveys/analysis to determine: service awareness, utility, opportunity and anticipated follow-up use.

Skill and Experience Needed

  • Proven project management and coordination experience;

  • Ability to work in a cross cultural environment (companies and Indigenous);

  • Superior written, oral communication skills;

  • Financial and public administration skills;

  • Work in a team environment with members that are based in other parts of Canada;

  • Provide project direction as a team member and gather and coordinate information from other team members;

  • Use web-based programs to manage and track results;

  • Organize and manage multiple, concurrent assignments and projects; effectively taking into consideration one's own workload and the workload and shifting constraints, impacts and priorities of Indigenous Works and your colleagues;

  • Contribute to the organizing of public, special and other events;

  • Effective time management skills;

  • Strong budget and financial skills;

  • Ability to collaborate with external partners;

  • Ability to measure performance impact.

Closing Date to apply for this position is May 15, 2017.


Contact Information

Indigenous Works
Yvonne Marshall
Office Manager
Posting Date: 26-Apr-2017Management Contract, Full-Time 24.00  Months Open 1 ASAP
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